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World Press Photo 2013 Review

on October 9, 2013

World Press Photo is a independent, non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, Netherlands that was founded in 1955. This organization is best known for holding the world’s largest and most respected annual press photography contest.

What stood out to me in this exhibit is how brutal some of the images were. those include the ones past the sign that says that there are images that might upset some viewers. these included dead bodies, wounded and traumatized people, or people torturing or hurting others right on the camera. this made me realize that not everyone has it easy since we live in canada and we live sheltered lives. since when was the last time canada was involved in war? it makes us all wonder how we can just live comfortably here in canada while others are suffering and we wouldn’t even know it.

my favourite photo from the 2013 world press photo gallery was the one with a fish in a blue background and had a eye that appeared to be rainbow coloured. the name of that one is ‘CARIBBEAN TRUMPET FISH’ .

i really liked the photo because the entire photo, (including the fish and the background) was completely blue and had shades of bluish green except for the eyes. the photographer times it just right so that the trumpet fish’s eye reflected the light to appear like it’s eye colour was rainbow coloured.

i would tell others that i know of to go see this photo exhibit because it’s very interesting and there are bits of news there that you probably wouldn’t know about even if you watched the news channel or read the paper.


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