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Google Chrome Logo

on October 21, 2013


I choose to do this logo because it seemed simple and easy to animate it

(please click on it to see it move)

how i made it move was first having the original layer on, then duplicating and moving the logo clockwise a little, duplicating the changed logo again, moving that duplicate a little and so on until the entire logo made a complete 180 degree turn around.

What i wanted to convey with this animated logo was that chrome works well and doesn’t lag, which was why i added in so many layers into this GIF.

I think it worked well, because there weren’t any awkward jumps in the animation while the chrome logo was rotating.


One response to “Google Chrome Logo

  1. missngmiss says:

    Daphne, I’ve figured out the problem with the image sizes for photoshop gifs. please ask me tomorrow!

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