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Final Reflection Questions for Trailer Clip Summative

on January 13, 2014
  1. The movie is about two people who are the survivors of a school massacre from an unknown assailant that caused everyone else to panic and attack anyone else near them.  Somehow, there were only 10 people who survived this event 8 hours later and no one found out who in the school started the fighting on that day. Weeks passed and all 10 survivors who were still recovering from the shock while search and rescue was going through the building to find out what happen, when one of the survivors disappeared. One by one they go missing until the only ones left are the two protagonists of the film. They decide to investigate what happen so they make their way into the school. The first leads the second into a hallway and suddenly she attacks, killing the second and stuffing the body into a nearby locker. The locker doors for the other lockers open and reveal the bodies of the other 8 survivors that mysteriously vanished. The first person has a flashback that reveals that they are the one who started the killings as they walk out of the building smiling.
  2. The scenes we used were the 2 survivors making their way to the front door of the school, a flash back of one of the dead students, a headshot of one of the survivors with their eyes closed before opening, the first survivor tackling the second and a scene of the first survivor walking out of the door and reaching for the camera with a suspicious dark stain on their hand. We chose to add these scenes in because they would build up the suspense of the film so that the audience would wonder what is going on in the school so that they would want to buy tickets to the movie and watch it to find out.
  3. The suspense leading up to the moment that the first survivor tackles the second would make the audience wonder if the first survivor has something to hide and if she is the person behind the events of the story.
  4. They sound effects we used was a sound of cameras rolling at the beginning with our logo so that it gives the watcher the feeling that the movie is starting. We also added in a really sharp suspenseful sound the moment the first survivor opens her eyes to make the audience pay more attention to her that she might not me normal.
  5. What I liked about our trailer was how we made the voiceovers and sound effects match up with what was going on in the trailer. It took a lot of work to make the captions move fast enough to match the speaker and to figure out where to put the voice clip the exact moment the captions appear.
  6. As mentioned above, the hardest part about putting the film together was making the captions match up with the voice clips. Another thing that was pretty frustrating was that when we were trying to put our logo into the beginning of the film and at the end, the logo kept showing up a black picture. After trying different methods of putting the image into the video and changing computers, we finally managed to get the logo to show up.
  7. Next time, we will change the computers we are using before hand and make sure that they work properly and not cut out any of the clips and transitions we put in every time we open it.

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