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Creative Commons

Creative commons is a non profit organization that work alongside copyright and enable you to modify your copyright terms to best suit your needs, in other words, it enables sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. (it’s a license)

it’s important because it lets other people to use/share or enhance your work (ONLY if you want others to use your work) if they follow your conditions on how to use the work you put out. these could include photos, drawings, music, videos and more. this works if you are looking for something to use in a project/assignment but don’t want to go through legal issues.

the four different types of these are :

lets others copy, distribute, display, and perform copyrighted creator’s work – and derivative works based upon it – but only if they give the creator credit.

lets others copy, distribute, display, and perform creator’s work – and derivative works based upon it – but for noncommercial purposes only

No Derivative Works:
lets others copy, distribute, display, and perform only verbatim copies of creator’s work, not derivative works based upon it.

Share Alike:
allows others to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs creator’s work.

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Spot Colouring Assignment






these five pictures are the main characters of the anime ‘Madoka Magica’.

i decided to do these pictures because they have interesting design and a main colour scheme (yellow,blue,purple,red and light pink respectfully since their hair and eye colours match.

i first duplicated the image and took the duplicate and converted it into black and white. i then erased the parts that i wanted the colour to show through and then i merged the images were merged before i uploaded them.


Rick Mercer Challenge

levi and harper

i choose to put stephen harper’s face on eren’s face because i thought that it would be interesting to try to photoshop eren’s hair onto to stephen harper and make it seem like levi was holding him by the hair

stephan in the wall

i wanted to put stephen in the wall because i wanted to try editing something underneath the wall image and have stephen’s face poking out. i also  adjusted the lighting so that he would fit in the picture.

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Elements and Principles of Art and Design

Colour: The appearance of objects/light sources described in terms of a person’s perception of their hue &lightness or brightness/saturation


i choose to use this image because there are many different colours in this picture that stand out against the black background

Form:The visible shape or configuration of something.


this picture shows an abstract sculpture. it proves that while you might not know what it is, you can tell it’s there and it takes up space. also it looks cool too

Line:a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool


this picture shows a lot of diagonal lines coming from the centre point to stretch outwards to create an illusion of depth

Shape:The external form or appearance of someone or something.


these pictures are basic shapes that everyone knows about

Space:A continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied


there is a lot of unoccupied area in this room that lets the viewer notice the objects in the room at first glance

Texture:The feel, appearance, or consistency of a surface or a substance


i chose this picture because you can almost reach out an feel the cracks in the ground

Value:lightness or darkness of a color


this pencil drawing gives off and illusion that the butterfly is 3D and not 2D, with shadows and shading in the picture that helps this idea get across

Balance:the ways in which the elements of a piece are arranged


this picture of rocks and it’s reflection shows a sense of symmetry  in this photo

Emphasis:Importance, value, or prominence given to something.


the fact that the main colours are black and white make the picture seem monochrome and orderly, but the one red dot on the upper  right hand corner draws the eyes towards it because of how it sticks out from a background of black and white

Pattern: A repeated decorative design


the pattern here is the repeating swirly loops of red and the dots and circles that go with it

Rhythm:A regular or harmonious pattern created by lines, forms, and colors


the rhythm in this image is appealing because of the colours blending in and the boxes and lines make the picture seem technical

Unity:when all of the elements of a piece combine to make a balanced, harmonious, complete whole 


the randomness of these designs come together to form a pretty pattern that has  some things in common, like a flower pattern or the colour scheme

Contrast:strikingly different from something else


i chose this picture because the person in this picture appears dark due to the shadows and is easily noticeable thanks to the light background

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picture scavenger hunt

IMGP0038 SAM_3575 SAM_3573 SAM_3572 SAM_3571 SAM_3570 SAM_3569 SAM_3568 SAM_3567 SAM_3565 SAM_3563 SAM_2546 Rotation of SAM_2234 IMGP0395 IMGP0385 IMGP0338 IMGP0295 IMGP0066 IMGP0036 francis 3 SAM_3587

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